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About Us

About US

ClayDesk is a global company with offices in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and India. ClayDesk is the emerging leader in Business and Legal Process Outsourcing industry. Syed Raza (PhD) is an entrepreneur, technologist, and an attorney. This unique combination coupled with over 25 years of industry experience has given Syed the confidence to pour his expertise in providing e-Discovery services in a simple yet robust manner.  With a flat fee “All-in” pricing model, ClayDesk strives to provide value added legal services while remaining competitive.

ClayDesk isn’t just a typical Legal Process Outsourcing firm but a complete e-Discovery solution for attorneys and legal departments around the world seeking for value added services while substantially lowering their costs. Our end-to-end cutting-edge outsourcing solution provides our clients peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their core strengths. From collection of receipts to financial reporting – we do it all. ClayDesk acts as a facilitator to help your organization improve efficiency yet minimizing all business and legal risks. With our innovative approach and legal team, we are able to maintain competitiveness. Our team of experience licensed attorneys, project managers, engineers and professionals are structured in the perfect hierarchy to provide you quality work with complete peace of mind.

Why ClayDesk?

We were asked this question by all our present clients before we started working for them. We keep on revising the answers to make sure that we’re still maintaining our competitive edge. Here are simple reasons why you should go for ClayDesk:

Reasonable Rates: Yes, we know everyone claims this! With our flat fee “All-in” pricing, we are destined to provide you with a low cost solution.

Fast Turnaround Time: Our existing infrastructure, expertise, and dedicated team allow us to meet even the shortest deadline.

Dedicated Attention: At ClayDesk, every client is valuable to us, and we ensure utmost professional service. Our customer service department works round the clock to cater to client needs.

Executive Team: ClayDesk is a diverse combination of US licensed attorneys, certified project management professionals, software developers, and engineers working as one unit from top to bottom to streamline the processes and to facilitate you round the clock.

Client-ClayDesk Relationship: It isn’t just a client-provider relationship. We actually make legal outsourcing simple by being an active part of your team.

Simple Process: We could not make it simpler. You provide data; it all gets hosted securely on the cloud so both ClayDesk and your firm can monitor data in real time, then we do our magic and deliver value.

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Your Data, Our Value

We are the only company to offer a complete portfolio of services and technologies that span all phases of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). We integrate services and technologies to support you from the beginning of the discovery process to the end. We are the only provider that offers a full suite of integrated services with on-site, onshore, and offshore services

Our range

Our range of integrated services offers you flexible e-discovery options – we can help you choose just the services you need or you can take advantage of our end-to-end solution that can be delivered with our flat “All-in” pricing solution. Our project management approach – which focuses on consultative planning, disciplined execution, and repeatable results – enables us to deliver a transparent, consistent, high-quality solution

How we do e-Discovery

A holistic approach to strategy, services, and technology to ensure efficiency, cost control, and defensibility
Depth of domain expertise and knowledgeable employees
A simple yet integrated discovery process that is more defensible and transparent
The ability to scale for greater efficiency and lower costs

ClayDesk’s e-discovery services are trusted by top law firms and corporations, including about nine of the top 10 global law firms, 32 of the top 50 Am Law firms, and numerous Fortune 100 companies. Our clients trust us because our services are:

Our Skills







e-Discovery is a complicated realm

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