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Our Awesome Team

Syed Raza | CEO, Founder

Syed graduated from University of Wisconsin in 1995 with a BBA in Finance. Subsequently, he attained an MBA from Concordia University, LLB and DBL degrees from University Law College, and PhD in Management Sciences. He got his first taste of the startup world in 1996 with his first successful technology venture: Technologies 2000 LLC. Since then, he gained valuable experience in the fields of IT, management and law. His passion remains in providing innovative, cutting edge, and cost effective solutions to clients. ClayDesk is yet another successful business process outsourcing and legal process outsourcing firm.

At present, ClayDesk is strategically positioned to provide local as well as global clients with e-Discovery, legal research, patents, intellectual property, corporate law, and accounting outsourcing solutions. Syed has always been at the forefront of technological innovation and believes there are three kinds of people in the world:

  • People who watch things happen
  • People who make things happen
  • People who wonder what happened

At ClayDesk, we make things happen!

Farhina Tina | Co-founder

Farhina is responsible for handling US and Canadian operations. Being sales and marketing veteran, he is also responsible for business development with a keen focus on providing the most cost effective solution to our clients.

Saleem Sheikh | CPA

Saleem graduated magna cum laude from California State University in 1986, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting. He sat for and passed the Certified Public Accountant Exam in 1986 and became a Certified Public Accountant in 1989. Types of clients served include manufacturing, governmental, tax-exempt organizations, and professional services. Saleem specializes in business valuation services and litigation support engagements.

He is also responsible for handling all financial and tax related matters of our clients. With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, he is in expert at preparing, analyzing, and auditing financial reports for individuals and companies.

Imran Afzal | SVP – UAE Chapter

Imran leads UAE operations, and focuses on providing BPO and LPO solutions in Middle East region. Holding an MBA from Stanford, Haider is a seasoned professional in providing customized solutions to clients. He has held executive leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies. As a management consultant with expertise in sales and marketing, Imran plays an integral role in developing customized solutions for our UAE clients. At ClayDesk, Imran is responsible for devising effective strategies within the global sales organization overseeing the company’s worldwide inside sales team, sales operations and account management teams.

Sikander Shah | Director – e-Discovery

Sikander obtained his J.D. (Cum Laude), from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and a pioneering member of ClayDesk. He was a visiting research/teaching fellow at Temple Law School in Philadelphia. Sikander has been extensively involved in curricular development. He has taught numerous courses inclusive of but not limited to Advanced Public International Law, Law of Contracts, Law and Development, WTO and International Trade Law, Introduction to Legal Reasoning and Introduction to Legal Thought and Analysis. He has been awarded the “Best Performance Award for Teaching” in 2007, which is awarded annually to the most distinguished professors at the University for outstanding teaching performance.

Sikander’s expertise in e-Discovery is unparalleled and leads ClayDesk in providing customized solutions to our clients. He was recently a Research Scholar at the University of Michigan Law School and worked on Public International Law issues.

Uzair Kayani | VP – e-Discovery

Uzair obtained his J.D. from University of Chicago Law School, MA, Political Science (Formal Theory) from Washington University in St. Louis, and BA, Political Science (Political Philosophy) Middlebury College. He plays an integral role at ClayDesk by leading our litigation department while training and overseeing attorneys engaged in document review. His passion for e-Discovery can be seen by his utmost commitment in delivering value to our clients worldwide.

Uzair has taught Commercial Law, and Law & Economics. He is instrumental in propagating laws relating to corporate litigation. Uzair studied social choice and game theory with Professors Elizabeth M. Penn and John W. Patty at Washington University in St. Louis. He studied law and economics with Professor Richard Epstein, Judge Richard Posner, Professor William Landes, and Professor Douglas Baird at the University of Chicago. Earlier, Uz studied political philosophy, literature, and the Classics at Middlebury College (Vermont) and Deep Springs College (California). He spends his free time toying with economic models and math puzzles, playing chess, writing, and playing guitar.

Zafar Iqbal | Attorney

Zafar is an accomplished trial lawyer with a B.A and LLB, who specializes in high stakes commercial disputes. He has practiced in all areas of complex litigation and alternative dispute resolution, with particular emphasis on antitrust, securities, false advertising, sports, entertainment, patent, and related complex intellectual property litigation. He was called to Bar of District Court in 1991.

He has played an integral part in e-Discovery field by conducting numerous seminars and events. Being tech savvy, he is responsible for designing turn-key cloud based e-Discovery solutions for our clients.

How it works

At ClayDesk, work is conducted under close supervision and monitoring of licensed Attorney of respective jurisdiction. For instance, for a US based law firm, ClayDesk would depute full time attorneys as part of the project management team throughout the case. Being aware of potential issues such as unauthorized practice of law, duty to supervise, attorney-client privilege, confidentiality, client conflicts of interest, data & personnel security, ClayDesk is committed to provide services in an utmost professional manner – giving you  peace of mind along with substantial cost savings.

The ClayDesk technology platform takes advantage of the scale and capacity of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, storing your data on some of the most secure data centers in the United States. As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, ClayDesk can also leverage upon Microsoft Azure to provide hosting solutions.